Monday, August 8, 2011

Love my Self

keras kepala saya, dan kata hati yang tidak pernah terkontrol, seperti menodongkan pistol dikepala saya sendiri!

tidak ada orang lain, yang bisa mengerti saya, selain saya sendiri ternyata.


- be happy
- show of
- follow your heart
- find a new perspective
- have a sense of wonder
- find people you love "and love you to"
- set goals
- help others
- dance
- pamper yourself
- face your fears
- go to a museum
- exercise
- limit television
- get in touch with nature
- lighten up
- get a good night's sleep
- read books
- buy yourself flower
- don't compare yourself with other
- don't beat yourself up
- be open to new ideas
- don't focus on negative thoughts
- focus on creating what you desire
- make time just have fun
- keep the romance in your life
- make a gratitude list
- love your mother earth
- want what you have
- be true to your self